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A new contest, told to me by fellow deviant :iconlilmisspeppy:,  in their group :icondisney-couples-group:. Since it involves crossovers between the worlds of Disney, I find it very appropriate to be announce in our crossover group, so for anyone who is interested in joining and have a chance to win free art from :iconinvisibledorkette:! :la:
So the contest is creating a first meeting of Disney characters, not anything that is cannon but a crack cross pairing within the Disney universe. You can use a cannon couple if you want to, but the canon meeting of the two would have to be different from how they met in the movie.
Here is the link for more information: First Meeting ContestIT'S TIME FOR OUR FIRST CONTEST! I'm really excited. If anyone could/would like to donate a prize, please notify us in the comments.
The idea behind it is since it is our first contest, the theme will be first meetings. Here's the twist: it can't be a canon meeting. Yes, the COUPLE can be canon but the meeting depicted in your submission can not be canon.  Examples of canon meetings:
John Smith x Pocahontas: the dramatic, almost-shooting scene
Jasmine x Aladdin: Aladdin saving Jasmine from having her hand cut off
Or basically any first meeting actually in a movie of canon couples.
You can still do a canon couple, but you'd have to change  the storyline of the movie a teensy bit or create an AU. Same goes for semi-canon and non-canon couples in the same movie/show.
As for crossovers, literally the only criteria is that at least one character is a canon Disney character. Of course, it also needs to follow the theme. It has to depict a first meeting.
Literature, digital art, and

I hope that many people will participate in the contest and give your support to their group by joining them. If you love Disney cross pairings, then the Disney-Couples-Group is the place for you. =D


Now on to an announcement I'd like to make considering Official Crossovers.
I've noticed that many people have been trying to put certain pictures into the Official Crossovers folder when really the crossover has never existed in actual media. What I mean is that in order to have something that is official, you should at least provide proof (such as a link for a video or official art) that the crossover has in fact been done in actual media.
So here are the only accepting that can allow your picture to be in the Official Crossovers folder:
- Characters all belong in the same universe/company AND must have actually met with one another in either a licensed comic or cartoon (DC Heroes, Marvels Avengers)
- Companies must have officially collaborated with one another with a licensed cartoon show episode, comic issue, or video game. (Disney's Phineas and Ferb meets Avengers, Archie's Sonic and Megaman: When Worlds Collide, Super Smash Bros)
- Other characters or creations are mentioned in media somewhere (Bayonetta cosplaying as Peach, Link and Samus; Disney's Infinity's buildings and characters from different Disney movie/shows worlds, Mario enemies from LOZ Link's Awakening on GB)
- Only a few official parodies can be allowed to be in this folder, but for the most part put the funnies in the Funny Parodies folder (Family Guy's IT'S A TRAP, Homer Simpson hallucinates Miyazaki movies)
- Sometimes characters can meet just for being part of the same channel/network, but I might not allow it all the time. (CN's Gumball, Adventure Time, & Regular Show; Nick's SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents & Breadwinners)
-And if all else fails, please LINK the proof of the existing crossover on your deviation and I will decide whether it counts or not

I hope that this helps shed some light on this subject. If however that this list doesn't make sense, please talk to me about any issue you have with this on the blog, and I'll make sure to have all your questions answered as much as my ability can. ^u^

Oh and I probably won't be around for a while now to monitor and place deviations into the group for about a month. That is why I leave :iconpokemondashcreation: in charge of this group for a while until I come back; I hope that she will do an excellent job helping me out with the group when I am gone from DA.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to join in :icondisney-couples-group:'s cross pairing contest. =D
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Group Info

Crossovers-On-Crack is a fun group where anyone of everyone can go and share their fun free-for-all crossovers pictures, for both members and non-member alike. :meow:
If you like making random characters meeting at random places and time, we have a whole folder dedicated to your original crossover ideas.
If you like something that was officially made a crossover like Capcon vs Marvel, Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, and Scooby-Doo meets the Adams family, we have a folder dedicated to that as well.
Even your OCs get their own spotlight when they crossover over with a show you like, or even with someone else's OC, it's all allowed in this group
Just any sort of crossover you can think of is alright with this group: TIME PARADOX, Cosplay, memes and sketches, Alternate Universes, Comics, and Funny Paradies, EVERYTHING Crossover related is allowed here. =D
Please be respectful of all the things submitted, everyone's got their own preferences in certain stuff that they like or dislike; we all got our own views. ^^
Yaoi, yuri, mild sexual themes, anthros and any other subject is allowed, as long as they don't get too serious, if it does, please filter it so that the general audience cannot view it.

And over-all, just have fun sharing. ;p
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